Dorothy Knowles

Dorothy Knowles


Dorothy Knowles was born in Unity, Saskatchewan in 1927. She graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a degree in Biology in 1948, and in the summer of that same year Dorothy attended the Emma Lake Summer School. It was at the school she first met noted landscape artist Reta Cowley and discovered her love and skill for painting.

After attending Emma Lake, the course of Dorothy’s career changed. In 1951 Dorothy went to London, England to study at the Goldsmith School of Art. It was also in that year that she married the celebrated Canadian color-field artist William Perehudoff. They went on to become prominent figures in Canada’s art scene and significant members of the Saskatchewan arts community, and they raised three daughters together: Rebecca, Catherine and Carol. Dorothy continued to refine her craft over the years by studying at the Emma Lake Artist’s Workshop.

Dorothy has become one of Canada’s most distinguished landscape artists, and her work can be found in collections throughout the country and internationally. In 1987 Dorothy was awarded the Merit of Saskatchewan, and in 2004 she was awarded the designation of Member to the Order of Canada, denoting an achievement of outstanding citizenship and service to both Canada and to the international community.


1944 Graduated from City Park Collegiate, Saskatoon
1948 Bachelor of Arts, Type C, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon
1949 Registered Technologist & Member of the Canadian Society of Laboratory Technologists
University of Saskatchewan & St. Paul’s Hospital, Saskatoon
1948 Emma Lake Summer School with Reta Cowley, James Frederick Finley
1949 Banff Summer Session in Painting
1949 Painting classes with N. Bjelejac, University of Saskatchewan
1950-52,54 Sculpture, Painting, Drawing, & Silkscreen classes with E. Bornstein,
University of Saskatchewan,Saskatoon
1951 Goldsmith School of Art, London, England
1956 Emma Lake Artists’ Workshop led by Joseph Plaskett
1957 Emma Lake Artists’ Workshop led by Will Barnett
1962 Emma Lake Artists’ Workshop led by Clement Greenberg
1963 Emma Lake Artists’ Workshop led by Kenneth Noland
1964 Emma Lake Artists’ Workshop led by Jules Olitski
1965 Emma Lake Artists’ Workshop led by Lawrence Alloway
1969 Emma Lake Artists’ Workshop led by Michael Steiner

Solo Exhibitions

2015 Michael Gibson Gallery, London, ON
2014 Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, AB, Dorothy Knowles :Canadian Landscapes,
Oct. 25-Nov. 8, catalogue compiled by C. Mamczasz Lerat and C. Fowler
2012 Art Placement, Refined Observation, Saskatoon, SK
2011 Han Art, Woven Beauty, catalogue text by Dr. Roald Nasgaard & Terry Fenton,
Montreal, Quebec, May 26 – July 10
2011 OSAC Exhibit, Prairie Pictures,organized by the Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery,
April 2011-April 2013,watercolour exhibit traveling to 24 Saskatchewan communities
2008-10 Moose Jaw Museum & Art Gallery, Moose Jaw, SK, Dorothy Knowles, Landmarks,
June 20 – Sept. 7,Art Gallery of Swift Current, Swift Current, Swift Current, SK,
Feb.21 – Mar. 29, 2009,Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon,SK,
June 19 –Sept.13, 2009, Esplanade Art Gallery, Medicine Hat, AB, Dec 27/09-Feb. 14/10,
McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Kleinburg, ON, May 22-Aug 15/10, Chapel Gallery, North
Battleford, Nov. 1/10-Jan 30/11
2010 Miriam Shiell Fine Art Ltd., Dorothy Knowles, A Survey of Work from 1960 – Present,
June 5-19
2009 Miriam Shiell Fine Art Ltd., A Sense of Place: New Paintings, catalogue essay by Roald
Nasgaard, April 25-May 23
2008 Mackenzie Art Gallery,Watercolour Portraits of Saskatchewan, Regina, SK,
permanent collection exhibition, May 3-Sept.1
2008 Art Placement, Small Scale Works 1960s -1990s,Saskatoon, SK
2008 Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, AB, April 26- May 9
2007 Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton,AB. Feb. 1-17
2006 Miriam Shiell Fine Art, Toronto, ON
2003 Miriam Shiell Fine Art, Toronto, ON
2003 Art Placement, Saskatoon,SK
2001 MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, SK
2000 Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, AB/Vancouver, BC, 25th Anniversary Show,
Catalogue essay by Keith Bell
2000 Art Placement, Saskatoon, SK
1999 Institute for Modern and Contemporary Art, Calgary, AB, The Sky Paintings,
Curator: Jeffrey Spalding
1999 Art Placement, Saskatoon, SK, The Sky Paintings , Catalog essay by Robert Christie
1997 Douglas Udell Gallery, Vancouver
1996 Miriam Shiell Fine Art, Toronto, ON, Dorothy Knowles, ‘Visits the
1996 West Kootenay Gallery, Castlegar, BC, Perehudoff, Knowles Family
Member Exhibit
1995 The Kenderdine Gallery & Art Placement, Saskatoon, SK, The Boat Paintings, Catalogue
essay by Tim Nowlin
1995 Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, AB
1994 Wallack Galleries, Ottawa, ON, Dorothy Knowles
1994 Traveling Show: Mendel Art Gallery, Edmonton Art Gallery, Glenbow Museum,
Whyte Museum, Dorothy Knowles, Catalog essay by Bruce Grenville
1994 Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, SK, Recent Works
1993 Hambleton Galleries, Kelowna, BC, Dorothy Knowles: Recent Works
1993 Grand Forks Art Gallery, Grand Forks, BC, Dorothy Knowles
1993 Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, New Work
1992 Canadian Art Galleries, Calgary, Alberta
1991 Miriam Shiell Fine Art, Toronto, ON, Dorothy Knowles
1991 Woltjen/Udell Gallery, Vancouver, Edmonton, Silent Movement
1990 Waddington & Shiell Gallery, Toronto, ON, Major Acrylic Paintings by Dorothy Knowles
1990 Waddington & Gorce, Inc., Montreal, PQ, Canadian Landscapes
1989 Greenberg Wilson, New York, New York, Dorothy Knowles Landscapes
1987 Waddington & Gorce Inc., Montreal, PQ, Recent Landscapes
1987 Woltjen/Udell Gallery, Edmonton, AB/Vancouver, BC, New Work
1987 Art Placement, Saskatoon, SK
1986 Waddington & Shiell Galleries Ltd., Toronto, ON, Major Paintings from Spring 1986
1986 Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, SK
1986 Canadian Art Galleries,Calgary
1985 Waddington & Shiell Galleries Ltd., Toronto, ON, Dorothy Knowles: Watercolours
1984 Woltjen/Udell Gallery, Edmonton, Dorothy Knowles New Works
1984 Art Placement, Saskatoon, SK, Dorothy Knowles
1984 Canadian Art Galleries, Calgary, AB
1983 Waddington Galleries, Montreal, PQ, Recent Paintings
1983 Waddington & Shiell Galleries Ltd., Toronto, ON, Dorothy Knowles
1983 Art Placement, Saskatoon, SK, Dorothy Knowles
1983 Assiniboia Gallery, Regina, SK, Recent Watercolours
1983 Downstairs Gallery, Edmonton, AB, New Work by Dorothy Knowles
1982 Traveling show organized by Edmonton Art Gallery to: Centre Saidye Bronfman, Montreal;
Norman MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina; Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor; London Regional Art Galleries, London; Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, Dorothy Knowles,1964-1982 Curated and Catalog by Terry Fenton
1982 Waddington Galleries, Toronto, ON, Dorothy Knowles, Paintings and Watercolours
1982 Waddington Galleries & Co. Inc., New York, New York, Dorothy Knowles, Paintings and
1982 Canadian Art Galleries, Calgary, AB, Dorothy Knowles
1981 Downstairs Gallery, Edmonton, AB, Dorothy Knowles
1981 Waddington Galleries, Montreal, PQ, Dorothy Knowles, Recent Paintings and Watercolours
1980 Canadian Art Galleries, Calgary, AB
1980 Waddington Galleries,Montreal, PQ
1979 Gallery One, Saskatoon, SK, Dorothy Knowles
1979 Meredith Long Contemporary, New York, New York, Dorothy Knowles,
New Paintings
1978 Meredith Long Contemporary, New York, NY, Dorothy Knowles, Recent
1978 Waddington Galleries, Toronto, ON, Dorothy Knowles, Recent Paintings and Watercolours
1978 Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton, AB, Dorothy Knowles
1978 Downstairs Gallery, Edmonton, AB, Dorothy Knowles, Recent Paintings, Watercolours
1978 Canadian Art Galleries, Calgary, AB, Watercolours & Drawings
1977 Beckett Gallery, Hamilton, ON
1975 Pucker/Safrai Gallery, Boston, MA, Dorothy Knowles, Recent Paintings, Watercolours
1975 Meredith Long Contemporary, New York, NY
1974 Waddington Galleries, Montreal, PQ, Dorothy Knowles, Recent Paintings
1973 Beckett Gallery, Hamilton, ON
1972 Traveling Show organized by Edmonton Art Gallery to: Glenbow Museum, Calgary, Dunlop
Art Gallery, Regina
1972 Waddington Galleries, Montreal, PQ
1970 University Gallery, Department of Art, University of Saskatchewan, Dorothy Knowles
1970 Robertson Gallery, Ottawa, ON
1970 Waddington Galleries, Montreal, PQ
1969 Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
1969 Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, MB
1968 Moose Jaw Art Museum,Moose Jaw, Sk. ,Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, Dorothy
Knowles, Recent Paintings
1967 Bonli Interiors, Toronto, Ontario. Dorothy Knowles,
1965 The David Mirvish Gallery, Toronto, ON, Dorothy Knowles, Recent Landscapes, catalogue
essay by Andrew Hudson
1964 Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, SK
1963 Saskatoon Art Centre, Saskatoon, SK, Dorothy Knowles Paintings
1963 James Art Studio, Saskatoon, SK
1962 Saskatoon Art Centre, Saskatoon, SK
1957 Regina Public Library Gallery, Regina, SK
1957 Saskatoon Art Centre, Saskatoon, SK, Dorothy Perehudoff
1954 Saskatoon Art Centre, Saskatoon, SK, Dorothy Knowles Paintings, Drawings, Watercolours,


2014 Mendel Art Gallery, Modern Visions: the 50th Anniversary Exhibition, Sept. 26th
2014 Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, AB, Fall Show, Sept. 20th – Oct. 9th
2014 The Stall Gallery, Scottsdale, Arizona, Saskatchewan Art Galleries Taking it South,Feb. 28
2014 Winchester Galleries, Oak Bay, Victoria, BC, Private Collection, May 6-31
2013 Art Toronto 2013, represented by Han Art of Montreal,Toronto, Ontario, Oct. 25-28
2013 Mendel Art Gallery, Rewilding Modernity, curated by Lisa Baldissera, Saskatoon, Oct. 13
2012 Owens Art Gallery, Mount Allison University, Sackville, New Brunswick,
The Jean Mackay Chubb and Francis L. Chubb Collection, September 28 – Dec. 16
2012 Art Placement Inc, Saskatoon SK, Prairie Painters: Light and Pattern
2010 Douglas Udell Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Spring, April 10-24, Fall, Sept.18th,Christmas,Dec. 11
Edmonton,AB,Spring April 17,Fall,Sept.25, Christmas, Dec.4
2010 Art Placement, Saskatoon, SK, The Drawing Show, April 17 –May 6, Signs of Spring,
April 3 – April 15, On Collecting, Feb. 20 –March 10, New Works, Sept. 5 – Sept. 23
2010 Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton,AB, Vancouver, BC, Order of Merit, Nov./09, Feb./10
2009 Art Placement, Saskatoon, SK, Family Traditions, Dorothy Knowles, William Perehudoff,
Rebecca Perehudoff, Catherine Perehudoff, Carol Perehudoff July 18 – July 11th
2009 Heavy Metal, Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton Alberta
2008 Toronto Art Fair, Toronto, Ontario, Oct. 22-26, represented by Douglas Udell Gallery
2008 Douglas Udell Gallery, Fall Show, Edmonton, Alberta, Sept 20-Oct.2
2008 Art Placement, Saskatoon, SK, Floor to Ceiling
2007 Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, AB, Fall Show Sept.29-Oct.13 ,Vancouver, B.C.Oct.13-26,
Christmas Show, Dec.15-24
2007 Toronto Art Fair, Toronto, Ontario, Oct. 25-29
2007 Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, Halifax, Prairie Companion, Jan.-to April 9
2007 Assiniboia Gallery, Grand Opening, Regina, SK March 3
2007 Art Placement, Saskatoon, SK, The Saskatchewan Landscape, Feb.10-March1
2007 Douglas Udell Gallery,Vancouver,B.C.,The Big Picture Group Show, June 2-16
2007 Godfrey Dean Art Gallery, Dorothy Knowles & William Perehudoff, Yorkton, SK
2006 Toronto Art Fair, Toronto, Ont. Nov.9-13
2006 Douglas Udell Gallery, Calgary, AB, Opening Show, Feb.
2006 Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, AB, Christmas Show, Dec. 2-14
2006 Douglas Udell Gallery, Vancouver, BC Spring Show, March, Christmas Show Dec.9-23,
2005 Art Placement, Saskatoon, SK, Landscapes, Dec.
2005 Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, AB, Fall Show, Sept. 17, Christmas Show, Dec.17
2005 Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, SK, 100 Years of Saskatchewan Art, curated by A. Badzak
and D. Ring from the permanent collection
2005 Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina, SK, Making Friends: The Role of Friends, Mentors, and
Patrons in the Development of Sask. Art, May 28 – Oct. 23
2005 The Glenbow Museum, Calgary, AB, Contemporary Views of the Bow River,
February 19-June 5
2004 Palm Springs Desert Museum, Clement Greenberg, A Critic’s Collection, Palm Springs,
California, Oct.2
2004 Douglas Udell Gallery, Vancouver, BC,Christmas Show, Dec.4-24, Spring Show, April 17-30
2004 Douglas Udell Gallery, Edmonton, AB, Fall Show, Sept.18-Oct 2, Spring Show, April 3-17
2004 Art Placement,Saskatoon, SK, Christmas Show,Dec.11 – 24
2004-7 Toronto Art Fair,represented by the Douglas Udell Gallery & Miriam Shiell Fine Art
2004 Grand Forks Art Gallery, Grand Forks,BC, July-August
2003 Norman Mackenzie Art Gallery,Regina, SK. Art in Bloom,Feb.1 -May 4, 2003
2003 Toronto Art Fair, represented by Mirium Shiell Fine Art and the Douglas Udell Gallery,
November 16 – 19
2003 Kenderdine Art Gallery, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Lodestar, RCA Show
July14 to August 24 2002, 2003 McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Kleinburg, ON,
March 3 to 5,2002, Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon, SK, June 14 to September 2, 2002;
Mackenzie Art Gallery, Regina, SK., Sept.27 to Jan. 12, 2003 Qu’Appelle, Tale of Two
Valleys, June 14 – September 2, co-curated by Dan Ring and Robert Stacy
2002 Assiniboia Gallery,Regina, SK., 25th Anniversary Exhibition, June
2002 Douglas Udell Galleries, Edmonton, AB, Spring Show, April, Fall Shows, Vancouver, Sept
21, Edmonton, Sept. 28, 2002
2002 TheToronto Art Fair,represented by Mirium Shiell Fine Art & Douglas Udell Gallery,Oct. 17-
2001 Art Placement, Saskatoon,SK., Still Life Exhibition,December
2001 Douglas Udell Galleries,Fall Shows, Edmonton, Sept 22- Oct.3, Vancouver Sept. 29-Oct.1
2001 The MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, Saskatchewan, Dorothy Knowles and William Perehudoff,
January 26-March 11
2001 Portland Art Museum, Portland Oregon, Clement Greenberg—A Critic’s Collection
2001 Toronto Art Fair, Represented by Douglas Udell Gallery Miriam Shiell Gallery, and
Waddington Gorce
2000 International Art Fair,Metro Convention Centre, Toronto, ON
1999 MacKenzie Art Gallery, Regina, SK, Reconstructed: North by West
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1994 Presented by Trimark Mutual Funds and organized by: Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, The
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1994 Windsor Art Gallery, Windsor, ON, Achieving the Modern: Canadian Abstract Painting and
Design in the 50’s
1995 Traveling show organized by Sasktel and Organization of Saskatchewan Art Council
1995 Traveling show organized by Mendel Art Gallery, The Urban Prairie
1992 Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg, traveling to Windsor Art Gallery, Achieving the Modern:
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1982 Painting selected for Canada Postage Stamp
1982 Cited by Century Saskatoon for Award of Appreciation in the Arts
1987 Saskatchewan Award of Merit
1994 Honorary Degree RecipientDoctor of Laws (honoris causa)University of Regina
2002 Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal
2004 Order of Canada
2005 Centennial Medal of Saskatchewan
2007 Canada Post Corporation honoring Dorothy Knowles with the inclusion
of 2 paintings in their Art Series
2009 Alumni of Influence Award, University of Saskatchewan
2012 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal


Royal Canadian Academy of Arts


Art Gallery of Hamilton
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Dorothy Knowles “Watercolours”

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