Dyan Marie

Walking | Waiting              October 8-25, 2008

Walks: Streets Parks and Pathways

Over the past several years Dyan Marie has developed a number of projects, activities and destinations created for walking. These photographs show a street-side garden as an anchor for daily street life and performance. In each image the garden holds sharp focus while the rests trails away into abstraction. The background serves as a document of the walker’s who pass by. They are recognizable as people but not clearly as individuals.

Colour Charts for Waiting Rooms

“I photograph flowers from street gardens, corner store bouquets and local parks and use them as a base to create colour charts and systems that explore resident colour, tone and contrast within the image. The works fosters a close, slow-looking that shifts attention between the representational image and the abstract interventions that propose a more meditative form of seeing. The intention is that these images should be viewed in places that are set aside for waiting. Places temporarily suspended from the day-to-day, where something unknown may happen; a place where a calming and reflective influence is helpful in an atmosphere where consciousness of local and physical awareness is being forced.”

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