Gathie Falk “Lux: Water” Walk-through

Take a video walk through of Gathie Falk’s “Lux:Water” exhibition November 2014.

In the video you will experience the feeling of walking through the exhibition.

James Kirkpatrick’s Secret Base by the Lake

Fuse TV presents James Kirkpatrick at the McIntosh Gallery, Western University

In the video James Kirkpatrick gives a tour of his 2014 exhibition “Secret Base by the Lake” and demonstrates how to “play” some of his recent sound sculptures.

Greg Curnoe Mini-Documentary

Michael Gibson Gallery 10 minute mini-documentary accompanies our January 10 – February 22, 2014 exhibition “Greg Curnoe ’61-65”.

In the video you will hear stories of Greg Curnoe from artist James Kirkpatrick, Curator Emeritus Judith Rodger, and friends and fellow Nihilist Spasm Band members Murray Favro, Art Pratten & Dr. John Clement. The video also features Sheila Curnoe who recounts Greg and Sheila’s life together.

Gathie Falk Speaks

On April 4, 2013, Gathie Falk, 85, received the Audain Prize for Lifetime Achievement in Visual Arts. The prize is awarded to a B.C. artist each year.

In this video, Falk speaks about her art and her inspirations.

Greg Curnoe ’61-65 Walk-through

Michael Gibson Gallery video of our January – February 2014 exhibition “Greg Curnoe ’61-65”.

In the video you will experience the feeling of walking through the exhibition.

Greg Curnoe’s “Connexions”

Connexions (1970) – filmed in 16mm, colour, sound, 15 minutes

In “Connexions” Greg Curnoe describes all of the intricate connections in his life over moving images of London’s downtown, neighbourhoods and bars. You also see studio images of Jack Chambers painting his famous “401” painting. Connexions becomes a diary – narrative – biographical – autobiographical home movie of regionalism – provincialism.

Greg Curnoe’s “No Movie”

Greg Curnoe’s “No Movie” (1965) was originally filmed in 16mm using a 1938 Cine Kodak Magazine Load Camera. It was his first movie. The original music soundtrack was recorded by members of the Nihilist Spasm Band, but this sound recording has since been lost.

The 8 minute, (now) silent, colour movie records the history of the Nihilist Party in London, ON.

Not Bad For London Video

Michael Gibson Gallery November 2011 video of the exhibition “Not Bad For London”.

In the video, watch interviews with artists, Billy Bert Young, Jamie Q, James Kirkpatrick, Jason McLean as well as shots from the Opening Reception.

Aganetha Dyck Interview at Art Gallery of Algoma

An interview with Aganetha Dyck and a tour of her show at the Art Gallery of Algoma, Sault Ste. Marie in 2014

Diana Thorneycroft Interview

Canadian Cultural Centre video with Diana Thorneycroft during her May 2011 exhibition of “Group of Seven Awkward Moments” series of photographs.

Interview of Diana Thorneycroft with Catherine Bedard, deputy director ( Exhibitions and Operations) of the Canadian cultural centre, Paris.

Kissick / Kirkpatrick Interview

Michael Gibson Gallery video about John Kissick and James Kirkpatrick’s November 2012 exhibition.

Watch John Kissick talk about his “dirty little mind” exhibition, James Kirkpatrick describe the inspiration behind his circuit-bending electronics and sneak a peek at our busy opening reception.

Terrance Houle National Indian Leg Wrestling

National Indian Leg Wrestling League of North America 500th Bout at the Burnaby Art Gallery in Burnaby, BC Nov 23/2012