John Kissick

John Kissick


John Kissick, trained as a painter and writer, has held numerous academic posts, including Chair of Critical Studies at Penn State University’s School of Visual Arts, Dean of the Faculty of Art at the Ontario College of Art & Design from 2000 to 2003, and for the last nine years, Director of the School of Fine Art and Music at the University of Guelph.

Kissick’s exhibition record includes numerous solo exhibitions in Canada, the USA and Germany, and his work has been included in a number of important survey exhibitions and public collections. A mid-career survey entitled John Kissick: A Nervous Decade, curated by Crystal Mowry, toured Canada from 2010 to 2012 and was accompanied by a major publication.

Kissick is also the author of Art: Context and Criticism (1992-96), was editor of the Penn State Journal of Contemporary Criticism from 1990 to 1995 and has written numerous catalogue essays and articles for periodicals. Two recent essays: “Elephants in the Room” for Canadian Art Magazine and “Disco and the Death Switch: Tales from Contemporary Abstraction” for Border Crossings were nominated for National Magazine Awards in 2009 and 2010.


Statement (2014)

There is a certain kind of futility attached to the artist statement when you make work like mine. It suggests a level of intellectual authority or conceptual boundary on work that is in some ways disingenuous. In fact, my work method is procedurally messy, historically contingent and purposefully disorienting. The works in this exhibition are likewise in a critical (and at times highly problematic) dialogue with the historical conventions of abstract painting—a project that has preoccupied me for over a decade. And though it has been tempting (and in some ways inevitable) to read the work as a knowing critique of historical models of self-expression, it is my hope that my work appears slightly more puzzling and unexpected, and perhaps less fixed to any certain interpretative or critical position. As a result, while acknowledging the interpretive procedures at play in viewing painting, I have become increasingly comfortable with a more fluid and open-ended discourse around the work.

A viewer with some knowledge of my recent practice will note some rather shifts from previous exhibitions—perhaps most obvious being the use of craft glitter in large sections of the paintings. This material departure is an extension of my ongoing interest in creating a visually disorienting, even manic visual dynamic within the work. The application of glitter, which reflects light in unpredictable ways and provides a visual barrier to reading the paintings in a traditionally spatial manner, seemed to me an obvious next step in the work. Glitter also has the added benefit of functioning as a strong cultural signifier of low tech ornamentation, nostalgia and kitsch–in keeping with my use of faded supergraphics and over-crafted decorative gestures, and in direct tension with a variety of expressionist tropes which attempt to purposefully complicate any easy reading of the work. In previous exhibitions, I have employed the term “fever vision” (from Max Ernst in the early 1920s) to describe a kind of visual delirium and psychological slippage that can occur in front of certain kinds of art. Yet through the years, the central issue of my painting has remained intact: how does one make abstract paintings that appear knowing, without succumbing to easy cynicism; or visually enticing without collapsing into feigned sentiment or pastiche. This exhibition is my current answer.

John Kissick at Thames Art Gallery

John Kissick “The Boom Bits” at the Thames Art Gallery from July 10 – Sept 6, 2015


Kissick / Kirkpatrick Opening Photos

View party pics from John Kissick’s & James Kirkpatrick’s Opening


60 Painters May 18-June 9

Will Gorlitz, Doug Kirton, John Kissick, Wanda Koop & David Urban included in 60 Painters exhibit.


John Kissick at AGW

John Kissick: A Nervous Decade at The Art Gallery of Windsor January – March 2012


John Kissick Dirty Little Mind

Interview with John Kissick & Michael Gibson

Michael Gibson Gallery

November 2012

28 pages, colour illustrations, 8 1/4 x 8 1/2 in. soft cover


Exhibition Catalogue for John Kissick’s November 2012 exhibition “dirty little mind” at the Michael Gibson Gallery.


College of Architecture, Art and Planning, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY Master of Fine Arts, 1987

Faculty of Arts and Science, Queen’s University at Kingston, Kingston, Ontario Bachelor of Fine Arts, 1985


Harvard Graduate School of Education, Institutes for Higher Education Management Development Program, 2003


Director, School of Fine Art and Music, College of Arts, University of Guelph, Guelph, ON (July 2003-)


dirty little mind, Michael Gibson Gallery, London, ON (2012)

Groovefucker (2011) March, Peter Wilde Gallery, Berlin

John Kissick: New Paintings (2011) January, Leo Kamen Gallery, Toronto

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John Kissick: Groovefucker and other paintings (2010) April, Leo Kamen Gallery, Toronto

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Anniversary! Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston. Juror: David Burnett: Curator, Art Gallery of Ontario. (1989)

Pennsylvania Painting. Bucknell University Art Gallery, Juror: Clement Greenberg: (1988)


2010 Ontario Arts Council Senior Artist Grant
2009 Ontario Arts Council Museum Exhibition Grant
2006 Ontario Arts Council Senior Artist Grant
2005 Elected to the Royal Canadian Academy for the Arts
2004 Ontario Arts Council Mid -Career Artist Grant
1998 Penn State College of Arts and Architecture Award for Outstanding Teaching
1997 Institute for the Arts and Humanistic Studies Grant
1996 Penn State College of Arts and Architecture Major Research Competition Grant
1994 Canada Council Grant
1994 College of Arts and Architecture Major Research Competition Grant
1994 Philadelphia International Art Competition Award
1992 Creative Accomplishment Grant in Art Criticism, College of Arts and Architecture, Penn State University
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Plaskett Award for Painting, April 2011
Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, July 2009
11th Annual RBC National Painting Competition, Montreal, May-September 2009
Headwaters Arts Festival., Halton, July 2008
Insights 2007 Juried Exhibition, Wellington County Museum and Archives, June 2007.
Mississauga Arts Council Annual Exhibition, Art Gallery of Mississauga, December 2005.
Georgian College Graduate Show. Georgian College March 2005.
AGOG (Art in Guelph and Outside Guelph) Juried Exhibition. Macdonald Stewart Art Centre, June 2004.
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Fourth Year Show, Queen’s University Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston, April 1998.
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The School Show

September 4 - September 26 - 2015


John Kissick “Dirty Little Mind”

November 1 - November 24 - 2012


Art Toronto 2012

October 26 - October 29 - 2012


Kissick / Kirkpatrick Interview

Michael Gibson Gallery video about John Kissick and James Kirkpatrick’s November 2012 exhibition.

Watch John Kissick talk about his “dirty little mind” exhibition, James Kirkpatrick describe the inspiration behind his circuit-bending electronics and sneak a peek at our busy opening reception.