Art Toronto 2019 – October 25-27, 2019
Metro Toronto Convention Centre
Booth #A29


For the 20th consecutive year, Michael Gibson Gallery will be exhibiting at Art Toronto. We are honoured to be one of six original galleries who have participated every year since the fair’s inception in 2000: Christopher Cutts Gallery (Toronto), Corkin Gallery (Toronto), Feheley Fine Arts (Toronto), Michael Gibson Gallery (London), Miriam Shiell Fine Art (Toronto), and Odon Wagner Gallery (Toronto).

We are excited to present a curated booth that focuses on figurative-based work and strong abstract paintings with a balance between secondary market artworks and represented artists.

Jack Bush’s “London #8” painting was painted in the summer of 1973 for an exhibition at Waddington Galleries in London, UK.  This painting will be featured in Art Toronto’s focus on Painters 11.

Graham Coughtry’s captivating “Self Portrait” inspired us to curate a section of our booth focused on the figure.  This canvas, from 1963, toured 11 American cities in the 1960s including the MoMA.

Along with Coughtry, Greg Curnoe is well known for paintings of the female form.  We will be showing Pop-inspired figurative paintings from the 1960s by Curnoe.

Susan Dobson’s slide carousel photographs transform an obsolete technology into an industrial object.

Continuing with our figurative theme, we will be showing 2 vintage bee-altered porcelain figurines from Aganetha Dyck’s popular 2008 “Masked Ball Series”.

Gathie Falk has painted for us a charming suite of small still-life paintings featuring intimate moments from her everyday life.

Jonathan Forrest, working within his modernist history, has pushed his technique even further, creating luminous soft, glowing, immersive abstract paintings.

Charles Gagnon’s painting from 1981 is an impressive gestural masterpiece complete with references to film and photography.

Will Gorlitz has painted for us a stunning new moon painting, hot and fiery, and properly tilted to enhance our visual experience.

Betty Goodwin’s swimmer painting is from her iconic “Swimmer Series” where she explored the human form, floating, swimming and falling through space.

In addition to Aganetha Dyck’s sculpture, we will be featuring a polmerized gypsum sculpture of a “Hat and Gloves” by Vancouver-based artist Liz Magor.

Jason McLean has created for us new idiosyncratic drawings that reference the passing of time, his family and the places where he lives.

Steven Shearer is known for his photo assemblages that reference youth and heavy metal culture.  We are featuring a rare print called “Choices and Associations” that combines images of youthful innocence in direct juxtaposition with tenuous adult choices.

Along with Graham Coughtry and Greg Curnoe, the late 1950s and early 1960s was a time of experimentation and development for Michael Snow.  Our “Enchanted Woman” from 1956 is a cutout, painted collage that inspired the cutouts of the subsequent Walking Woman works that followed.

Hans Wendt has painted for us a meditation in blue with his three high-realist watercolour paintings.

Last year we introduced the emerging photographer Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart’s non-photoshoped and self-referential photos.  This year we will update you on her recent ambitions and adventures through photography.