Dorothy Knowles at Remai Modern

Dorothy Knowles

Dorothy Knowles’ exhibition at Remai Modern opens in Saskatoon on August 30, 2018.


“III: Faye HeavyShield, Dorothy Knowles, Elaine Cameron-Weir”
August 31, 2018 – January 20, 2019
Remai Modern, Saskatoon, SASK


III brings together work by three artists—Faye HeavyShield, Dorothy Knowles and Elaine Cameron-Weir—of different generations and backgrounds. Their works connect to elements of the natural world, and how these shape understandings of self, place and time.

HeavyShield presents a new installation, to be shown for the first time at Remai Modern. Continuing her exploration of the spiral form, and utilizing imagery of grasses photographed on her home territory, the work creates a radial topography, shifting the spatial order of the gallery. Knowles is represented through a selection of paintings from the 1950s–1990s, moving through degrees of abstraction and focusing on density, memory and moments of transition. Cameron-Weir’s sculptural works—all shown for the first time in Canada—utilize organic and industrial components including neon, aromatic resins, sand, parachute silk and metal armatures. Their structures, shields and weights evoke traces of the body.

Through continuation, transformation and ephemerality, each artist’s work expresses a distinct relation to time—its expansion and collapse. They also share a somatic quality, conveying various states of embodiment, and revealing what moves across—and pushes against—the thin membrane between interior and exterior.


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