Gathie Falk at Galerie McClure

Gathie Falk

Gathie Falk is included in Harold Klunder’s curated exhibition INTERVENTION : 31 WOMEN PAINTERS at Galerie McClure, Montreal.

Guest Curator : Harold Klunder
Vernissage : Thursday February 1 at 6 pm
Exhibition : February 2 to 24
Conference : Friday February 2 at 7 pm

As our 2018 Guest Curator, well known Canadian artist Harold Klunder brings together an exhibition of small format works by 31 women painters whose collective careers span over six decades. While the artworld has witnessed major shifts during that time, in particular the influence of feminist thought and the questioning of painting’s continued relevance as a contemporary discipline, women have persisted in creating works that are adventurous, genuine, and reflective, and which have contributed in a meaningful way to painting’s on-going re-invention. Artists include : Ann Beam, Kathryn Bemrose, Sarah Cale, Barbara Caruso, Catherine Carmichael, Gathie Falk, Nika Fontaine, Cameron Forbes, Sybil Goldstein, Eliza Griffiths, Libby Hague, Susanna Heller, Gail Hutchison, Rae Johnson, Fiona Kinsella, Dorothy Knowles, Wanda Koop, Rita Letendre, Medrie MacPhee, Natasha Martel, Doris McCarthy, Christiane Pflug, Ciara Phillips, Annie Pootoogook, Louise Robert, Gina Rorai, Janet Stanley, Françoise Sullivan, Marion Wagschal, Diane Whitehouse, Joyce Wieland.


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