Kirkpatrick at SOUNDplay Festival

James Kirkpatrick

James Kirkpatrick’s interactive sound sculptures are on exhibit at NAISA North Media Arts Centre


New Adventures in Sound Art’s SOUNDplay Festival continues to November 26, 2017.  SOUNDplay is a meeting point for experimentation in sound art and new media, encouraging new avenues for exploration. SOUNDplay 2017 features an interactive installation by James Kirkpatrick, works by Myriam Boucher and Hyperboreal (Dermot Wilson and Jason Brock) and workshops and concert of works by visiting UK/Norway artist Natasha Barrett.


The Sound Mods of James Kirkpatrick
Interactive installation by James Kirkpatrick
Continues to Nov 26, Thurs, Sat, Sun 10 am – 4 pm, Friday 10 am – 7:30 pm, PWYC
NAISA North Media Arts Centre
106 Ottawa Avenue, South River, Ontario

This exhibition of work by graffiti, hip hop and multi-media artist James Kirkpatrick from London, Ontario features his interactive sound sculptures. Mila Petkovic in Metro wrote “Kirkpatrick’s bright and highly detailed work takes its inspiration from science fiction, cartoons and the secret worlds of video games.” Kirkpatrick’s sound sculptures are created by circuit-bending, or re-purposing, consumer electronics toys as well as by transforming their visual appearance with his playful and colourful style. These sculptures invite group play and collaboration to create beats, melodies and scratchy textures out of discarded electronic toys.


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