Last 2 Days of Hans Wendt and Jenna Faye Powell’s Exhibitions

Hans Wendt Jenna Faye Powell

Today, Friday, April 26th and tomorrow, Saturday, April 27th mark the final 2 days of Hans Wendt and Jenna Faye Powell’s Exhibitions, “Fugere (et Irrumabo Inveniet)” and “Overnight Wisdom,” respectively.

Jenna Faye Powell “Overnight Wisdom,”

Our middle gallery exhibition for the month of April features new works on paper by Jenna Faye Powell. Through the intricate work, Powell explores the role of fiction in our lives by treating perception as a form of artistic composition.

Powell’s current project is based on the literary concept of ‘genre blindness’, a trait that is demonstrated when a character acts as if they have never experienced the kind of narrative they occupy — when the story’s protagonist continues to go to work or pays taxes in the wake of an apocalyptic narrative. Demonstrating a lack of access to the story we are in, a secondary symptom of ‘genre blindness’ appears as a cartoonish-devotion to optimism in the wake of adversity.

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Jenna Faye Powell Overnight Wisdom Installation

Hans Wendt “Fugere (et Irrumabo Inveniet)”

Our second solo exhibition for PEI artist Hans Wendt features 12 new trompe l’oeil still-life paintings that continue Wendt’s obsession with cut, ripped, torn and stacked paper samples.

Wendt uses as his source material the paper colour swatches that art students use to study colour theory.  He creates intricate compositions with the samples, lights them dramatically and then paints large-scale watercolours in a photo-realistic manner.

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Hans Wendt
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