On Now until June: Sage Szabarnicki-Stuart’s Photos at The Gladstone Hotel

Sage Sbarnicki Stuart
Sage Szkabarnicki-Stuart, Urban Stream, 2018

Sage Szabarnicki Stuart’s photos are being featured at the Gladstone Hotel in Toronto from May 1st to June 9th as part of the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival. We highly recommend you stop in.
Contact writes,

“[b]y focusing on the often mundane aspects of daily life and surroundings, Szkabarnicki-Stuart and Ness’s work explores and reveals our relationships with and assumptions about urban, natural, and home environments. Szkabarnicki-Stuart frequently uses her own body as the subject, creating brightly lit scenes that are both banal and humorous. Ness begins with empty streets at night and ambient light, and creates focused compositions through digital manipulation.”

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